On-Site Stainless Steel Finishing Services

on-site stainless steel finishingElectro-Max, Inc. offers an array of on-site services. We employ only the most experienced and qualified metal finishers to perform our on-site jobs. Our on-site stainless steel finishing experts will get the job done right the first time. If there is a piece that is unable to be disassembled and shipped at your facility we will send our people to you. As always we are focused on quality and service here at EMI so give us a call for to let us know what on-site stainless steel finishing services you require.


Our Services Include:

  • Complete on-site electropolishing services for large vessels and highly critical surfaces.
  • Complete on-site passivation services for large stainless steel surfaces.
  • Complete on-site pickling and chemical cleaning services.
  • Technicians heavily trained in chemical, waste, and safety disciplines.


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