Stainless Steel Electropolishing

Founded by Kevin Grant in 1998, Electro-Max, Inc. (EMI) has over 20 years of experience in the metal finishing industry. As an aviation maintenance veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Kevin has led tremendous growth at EMI.

With this growth, our facility (now 24,000 square feet), team, and capabilities have also expanded. EMI is a Stainless Steel Electropolishing Services Company that specializes in the finishing of stainless steel, titanium, and a variety of other materials through electropolishing and passivation. We excel in services such as stainless steel pickling and degreasing. With our validated processes, we are one of few in the United States able to offer Nadcap-approved electropolishing.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards and processes allow us to provide our customers in the medical, aerospace, food and beverage, bio-processing, oil and gas, and nuclear industries with premier services that fit their specific needs.

Through continuous risk assessment, each EMI order is comprehensively reviewed to ensure customer expectations and process-standard requirements are met. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service, unsurpassed quality, and superior metal finishing. Learn more about Electro-Max, Inc. in our newsletter!

Safety as a Priority

At EMI, our safety management complies with all State of Illinois requirements and serves as an important aspect of our operations. Our commitment to our employees’ safety includes monthly lunch and learn education, annual hearing evaluations, fit testing, equipment verification, monthly emergency drills, facility safety inspections and air quality inspections by the State of Illinois. We are proud to comply with all OHSA 18001 requirements.

Environmentally Conscious

Our environmental management program adheres to all federal, state and local regulatory requirements under the ISO 14001 guidelines. We are strive to minimize our operations’ impact on the environment and ensure our hazardous chemical program includes a trained hazardous chemical spill team as well as periodic drills with all employees.

Mission Statement

At Electro-Max, Inc., we are committed to providing quality craftsmanship, utilizing safe, environmentally-friendly operations, at a competitive price, to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

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