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Electropolishing Stainless Steel Industries Served

Certain industries need high levels of durability and corrosion resistance in their finished parts. Turn to Electro-Max, Inc. for first-class electropolishing and passivation services.

What are the industries that can benefit from electropolishing & passivation services?

At Electro-Max, Inc., we can provide electropolishing and passivation services to the following industries, listed below!

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Electropolishing & Deburring Service Applications & Industries | Electro-Max, Inc.

Industrial Use of Electropolishing

Certain industries require metal components that can deliver exceptional levels of resistance to corrosion and contamination, even beyond the strength of stainless steel.  The solution to this challenge: electropolishing, an electrochemical process in which an electrical current is run through a metal component while immersed in a chemical bath.  The chemical reaction on the surface of the part removes a very thin layer of the surface of the material at a uniform rate.  The electropolished metal surface is smooth, substantially brighter, and highly resistant to corrosion or contamination. 

Aside from improved corrosion resistance, the electropolishing process offers manufacturers additional benefits.  It can help improve the surface finish of the material, removing burrs and cleaning welds.  Electropolishing can also strengthen the material at a microscopic level, removing microcracks and heat tint and improving the metal’s fatigue life. 

Passivation for Numerous Industries

In addition to electropolishing, Electro-Max offers passivation services.  During the manufacturing process, many stainless steel components can be exposed to grease, oil and other contaminants that can compromise the chromium oxide layer that gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance.  Passivation helps this oxide layer form faster and thicker for improved resistance to corrosion.  And unlike electropolishing, passivation doesn’t require electricity and doesn’t change the steel’s appearance. 

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Industries We Serve

In business since 1998, Electro-Max has risen to become a leading provider of electropolishing and passivation services to numerous industries.

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