Need a nadcap supplier?

Nadcap SupplierEMI has earned a merit NADCAP audit for the calendar year 2017. We were able to gain this status in only our 4th year in the program. Electro-Max, Inc. continues to focus on quality and continuous improvement. With more and more primes demanding NADCAP approved suppliers by the day it is wise to have a supplier approved in your system for your Nadcap demands going into the future. Improvements made by adhering to a Nadcap approved quality system are evident here at EMI. It has made our company aware of the importance of an outstanding quality system. With higher quality parts going out of our facility now is the time to give us a call and see how we can help with your Nadcap required jobs. Our certificates can be seen on the quality page by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Electro-Max provides electropolishing, passivation, media blasting, on-site service and pickling of stainless steel.

We serve a variety of clients in many different industries including:


Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Finishing     Medical stainless steel polishing     Food and beverage metal polishing     nuclear metal finishing     

Bio-Processing electropolishing     Nadcap supplier aerospace and Defense