Audit season has officially come and went as did the elections. Every year we go through all the audits that come along with being a quality-driven shop. This year was no different. We have just finished up with our annual audit season. We have come so far from where we were as a company when we decided to take on the Nadcap accreditation.

The first year was a huge learning experience on the whole process and the next couple of years were for fine-tuning our quality system into the optimal machine that it is today. Each year you are allowed fewer and fewer findings during the audit. Starting with the first year we hit our limit but were still able to gain accreditation. This year we had no major findings and have been placed in the PRI Networks Nadcap Supplier Merit Program. What this means for us is that we do not have to have an audit every year and can focus on the product. What this means for you, the customer, is that Electro-Max, Inc. is offering the greatest quality and customer focused program you can get. Since its inception, we have seen a steady decline in rejected parts and reprocessing and will continue in our effort to increase throughput and will always focus on great customer service. A quality that seems to be lacking in the industry we serve.

Our new certificates will be available on our website as soon as we receive them. You can download from the You can download from the website or can call and request a copy at any time.

Abrasive Media Blasting

Electro-Max is now offering abrasive blast services as a complementary process to our current services. During the manufacturing process, a part can go through many different applications before the end-product is ready for use. Usually, many of these processes can leave adherent scales and oxides on the part which must be removed before final passivation or other coatings. A lot of the parts we receive here have been through some sort of blasting process so we figured what better way to help our customers than offering more of a one-stop-shop. For some of you, this may mean one less supplier approval to go through each year. By offering multiple services we can cut your cost of vendor management and offer the same great quality and turnaround as we do on all our other processes.

We only offer services for stainless steel at this time, but as we move forward and continue to grow we will be offering blasting service for other alloys as well. We can handle any parts made of stainless steel up to 30-36” in length in our current cabinet but look to extend that as well as we see parts of every shape and size here at EMI.

Are you sending your parts to be blasted and then sending them here for passivation? If so, please give us a call so we can get your parts quoted out and eliminate a stop. This can drop lead times down from as little as 1 day to as many as a week depending on turnaround times of your current blasting suppliers.


“Unity is strength… When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Mattie Stepanek


Electro-Max is now in the process of developing a new sales force. Most of our outside sales was being performed by consultants who are working with several other individuals as well and only market and push our services when an opportunity presented itself. In today’s day and age, we feel it is important to always be involved with current and potential customers. With this being said, EMI is in the process of revamping the sales program we currently have in place. All too often sales teams stay in a mindset of functioning in a vacuum. We want to have a formal structure and give our sales teams the structure to build a forward view and give them an in-depth explanation of what the business targets are and how they are to be achieved, not just in sales terms but also across the whole business. When you explain the goal your business is going for and how you are planning on getting there, a sales team can understand their role in meeting those challenges and provide vast amounts of knowledge on the uptrends and downturns in a market. We feel that in the end, this will allow us to serve our customers better and also help to grow the company.