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Electronics Electropolishing & Passivation Services

As the human population becomes more reliant on electronic gadgets the need for producing quality product that stands out becomes more important to the electronics manufacturers. Electropolishing or passivation can offer a host of benefits by improving the conductivity of contacts and switches by eliminating surface imperfections that could otherwise affect the products performance by generating resistance. 

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electropolished electronic devices and parts


Enhance Product Performance

Electropolishing and passivation are very versatile finishing techniques  that are used across the electronics industry as a means of enhancing the performance of their product. In order to stand out from competitors, most of which utilizing planned obsolescence, manufacturers utilizing electropolishing and passivation services can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their product will stand the test of time and long outlast their competitors.

Prevent Costly Repairs

To prevent costly warranty repairs, consumer appliance manufacturers utilize electropolishing or passivation to clear away any surface contaminants leaving the surface heavily resistant to corrosion or contamination. When embedded contaminants are not eliminated these areas can turn into bacteria harboring sites or create an origin for a corrosion site. For food contact surfaces such as ice chutes or hot water tanks this is especially important to the safety of the consumer.


Electropolishing can also be used as cosmetic process for the appliance industry. Although most mainstream manufacturers utilize lower grade stainless steel with a mechanical finish for their products there are applications utilizing the processes of electropolishing and passivation. Electro-Max has worked closely with these consumer and industrial appliance manufacturers for decades and our finish can be found in millions of homes and businesses around the world.

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Why Choose Electro-Max for the Electronics Industry?

At EMI, we understand the fast paced world of the electronics industry. Our passivation and electropolishing services adhere to the strictest of guidelines ensuring our commitment to quality and integrity. Here are Electro-Max, we are "committed to the finish" so let us be your preferred supplier for all your electronic passivation and electropolishing service needs.

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Industries Served for Electropolishing & Passivation Services

Electro-Max, Inc. is your go-to for all electropolishing services in a variety of industries! Certain industries need high levels of durability and corrosion resistance in their finished parts. Turn to Electro-Max, Inc. for first-class electropolishing and passivation services.

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