What is Oxygen Chemical Cleaning?

Oxygen (O2) chemical cleaning is a chemical cleaning service offered by Electro-Max, Inc. Typically, this oxygen cleaning service is performed on products that are intended for oxygen-enriched and high purity environments. Other applications include hydrogen and nitrogen-enriched environments as well as other various liquid and gas applications. This process provides the removal of any residual organic and inorganic contamination such as hydrocarbons, which include weld slag, oils, greases, and more. Furthermore, a passive layer surface is left which reduces particulate contamination while inhibiting oxidation.

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 Oxygen Cleaning

What are the Benefits of Oxygen Chemical Cleaning?

Oxygen (02) chemical cleaning services come with a lot of benefits. O2 cleaning services ensure that the subjective parts meet the highest standard of cleanliness and corrosion resistance against various impurities. This is essential in these environments due to the increased risk of fire or explosion with the presence of oxygen and other various substances. If the proper action isn’t taken, the residual material present on the parts creates excessive friction and volatility. With a tightly monitored process, Electro-Max, Inc. can provide 02 cleaning services that meet various specifications as well as company-specific requirements.