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Bulk & Specialty Packaging Electropolished Parts

What is Bulk Specialty Packaging?

Bulk and specialty packaging are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Bulk packaging is basically just taking the parts and throwing them back in a box or a bag. There are several way to bulk package including:

  • Bulk  - Parts are shipped as received in the same container. More for commercial applications without aesthetic requirements.
  • Layer Pack – Bulk packing but in layers separated by cardboard or some other media to prevent major damage in transit. Best used for smaller parts with one critical surface.
  • Bag pack – Parts are placed in a plastic bag preventing spillage or missing pieces if the box is damaged in transit.

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Specialty Packaging Instructions

Specialty packaging comes in many shapes and sizes and most of the time is specific to the part you are working with. Most of the time these instructions will come from the engineering department of the manufacturer or the end customer. 

  • Custom Specialized Containers – Parts with critical applications will be placed back in reuseable containers supplied by the customer. This can include molded plastic containers, wooden crates, gaylords with foam inserts. Electro-Max will work out the packaging requirements in the quoting phase and develop a technique sheet that is used each time an order comes in.
  • Individually Bagged – Each part is placed in a bag individually to protect from part to part contact and to keep the part contaminant free. EMI inventories many different sizes of bags for day to day applications. Custom bags are made in house for larger or odd shaped parts.
  • Nitrogen Pack- Nitrogen, a clean, dry, inert gas is fed into the bag before sealing to drive out any oxygen and eliminate the risk of moisture which can impact part quality once passivated or cleaned for oxygen service.
  • Cell Pack- Customers provide molded trays specific to the part being processed. These trays can be made of various materials including foam, cardboard, plastic, etc. Most of the time these trays are reused although there are instances where can will receive in a dirty tray and repack in new clean trays. The dirty trays will be returned to the customer with each order for continued use.
  • Separator Pads – The pads are mostly made of foam to minimize the impact of vibrations, eliminate part to part contact and prevent slippage during transit.
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Electropolished metal parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of specialty packaging electropolished parts?

Proper packaging helps to prevent corrosion and keep parts free of damage. Appropriate packaging is a smart investment for parts that are sensitive to corrosion and will be stored in conditions that expose them to moisture, chemicals and temperature fluctuations. 

What does this process look like?

EMI will work with the customer in the quoting phase to explore packaging options. Any special instructions will be added to the process master with explicit instructions explaining how each part should be packed. In some instances there will be a technique sheet developed that accompanies the job traveler throughout the process for use in final packaging. In the course of individually packaging your product EMI inspectors will inspect each piece as it is packaged.

What can Electro-Max’s customers expect from this value-added service?

Customers can expect EMI to be an extension of their company in regards to care and attention to detail. Piece of mind is the number one benefit when using EMI for your metal finishing and specialty packaging needs. Using EMI for your special packaging needs can save time and money by freeing up internal resources, reduce waste by minimizing or eliminating part damage that could happen during transit.

Are there different types of bulk packaging for electropolished parts? If so, what are the different types?

See above

Does Electro-Max have capabilities of packaging high-volume parts?

Yes, EMI has experience with high volume parts requiring special packaging. We have the labor force and know how to efficiently package all parts regardless of volume. 

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