Wet Blast & Abrasive Metal Finishing

What is Vapor Blasting?

Vapor blasting (also known as wet blasting, liquid honing, or dustless blasting) is a process that uses pressurized water and abrasive material to remove contaminants, corrosion, residue or coatings from a surface. The vapor blasting process provides the highest quality soft surface finish. It is commonly used for cleaning aerospace parts and surfaces.

How Does Vapor Blasting Work?

Pressurized water and abrasive are combined into a slurry. Pressurized air blasts the mixture of water and abrasives at the surface of the part, removing coating or other contaminants. The water droplets weigh down the fine particles created from the impact, preventing dust. The vapor blasting process leaves the surface clean, smooth, and preserved from media impregnation.

Why Vapor Blasting?

Compared to dry blasting, vapor blasting allows for a wide range of media from very fine to coarse and a variety of densities. Additionally, vapor blasting allows parts to be degreased blasted at the same time by using hot water and soap. Water flushes out the abrasive, washing out sediment or residual media.

Since wet blasting is dustless, it is safer to remove hazardous materials like radioactive or poisonous materials or asbestos. Dustless blasting also makes setup easier and reduces the cleanup costs. Without static cling, vapor blasting creates a cleaner surface than its dry counterparts. Wet blasting is also ideal when dry blasting would be too destructive and softer media are required to protect the surface.

With over 20 years’ experience and a commitment to quality standards and processes, Electro-Max, Inc. provides the best customer service, unsurpassed quality and superior vapor blasting services. EMI is NADCAP accredited, fully registered to ISO9001:2015 and complies with ASTM B600 and other customer specific standards.

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