What is Weld Descaling?

Weld descaling is the removal of heavy, tightly adherent oxide films resulting from hot-forming, heat-treatment, welding, and other high-temperature operations. Weld descaling is performed prior to passivation. Continue reading to learn more about Electro-Max, Inc.’s weld descaling and chemical descaling services.

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Pickling, or chemical descaling, removes metallic contamination and welding and heat-treating scales. Etching promotes surface adhesion.

Aqueous Alkaline Degreasing

Alkaline degreasing is a cleaning process that employs the use of more environmentally friendly solvents than vapor degreasing to remove contaminants and is particularly effective against oils, waxes, and greases.


The baking process is used to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. This is a monitored process and is customer specified.

Abrasive Media Blasting

Media blasting is a process that provides a matte surface finish without any substrate material removal or chemical contamination.