What is Metal Cleaning & Aqueous Alkaline Degreasing?

Aqueous Alkaline Degreasing, a form of metal cleaning and degreasing, is a process we use for pretreating the metals prior to the pickling and passivation processes. This process deep cleans the part from all types of oils, waxes, and greases, as well as many other contaminants known to be found on metals after machining and production.

Alkaline cleaning is an age-old process that has been used extensively in the metal finishing industry. The aqueous degreasing process involves less toxic properties than that of vapor degreasing. The properties associated with alkaline cleaners (nonvolatile, nontoxic, noncombustible, and biodegradable) make them environmentally acceptable alternatives for use in cleaning metal contaminants that could possibly affect the integrity of the parts.

Aqueous Alkaline DegreasingAlkaline cleaners are able to achieve cleaning efficiencies comparable to organic solvents. Cleaning enhancements including agitation, immersion, spray washing and ultrasonics can help improve cleaning efficiencies for heavier oils and greases.

The metal cleaning and aqueous alkaline degreasing process are perfect for removing contaminants from lightly soiled metals by immersion with air agitation. Heavier soiled parts are also sprayed from specialized equipment to more effectively loosen heavier contaminants on soiled metals.

All-in-all this metal cleaning process is similar (except for the cleaning agents used) in nature to vapor degreasing and just as effective. Call us at Electro-Max and ask how our alkaline cleaners, metal cleaning and degreasing services can help your metal finishing needs.

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