What is Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Treatment?

At Electro-Max, Inc. we also specialize in a process known as baking or hydrogen embrittlement relief. This baking process is used to prevent hydrogen embrittlement which can be linked to the corrosion of the metal which, in the end, destroys the internal integrity of the piece. Hydrogen embrittlement can be defined as the absorption of hydrogen into the metal that accelerates the eventual breakdown of the steel. Hydrogen can be formed during the metal pickling and cleaning treatments (Aqua Degreasing). Here at EMI hydrogen embrittlement relief treatment is a highly-monitored action and our processes help us to ensure the overall integrity of the metal long after it leaves our shop.

Embrittlement ReliefBaking is a very crucial step in producing the highest quality metals. Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Treatment (a.k.a. baking) of heat-treated steel parts is used to remove hydrogen that is infused into the surface during plating and certain other chemical processing such as stripping, chemical milling, pickling, and etching. If the metal is found to have been exposed to hydrogen embrittlement then we use the baking process to remove all hydrogen ions from the metal surface. The baking process is usually performed after other chemical processes to remove all trapped pockets of hydrogen from the metal that may have accumulated in the piece during the pickling and cleaning stages.

Here at Electro-Max, we stand behind all of our processes, and all of our baking procedures are done at a customer-specific schedule and in ovens that are Electro-Max approved for each specific process of baking. Please contact Electro-Max for all of our hydrogen embrittlement relief services and your metal baking needs.


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