What is Stainless Steel & Metal Pickling?

At Electro-Max, we offer the best form of stainless steel and metals pickling services the industry has to offer. Our metal pickling process involves several steps to pretreat the weld prior to actually performing the pickling process. This pretreating of the weld removes any residue, foreign substances, markings, dyes, rust, grease, or oil. Pre-cleaning is not required for all applications but is highly recommended for most as etching promotes surface adhesion on the metal.

Stainless Steel PicklingSo what is Stainless Steel & Metal Pickling? Pickling is known throughout the industry as stainless steel passivation or electropolishing of the welded material. This process ultimately performs a cleaning feature that involves the actual chemical descaling of the article. In the end, the entire procedure of stainless steel pickling removes metallic contamination and welding as well as heat-treating scales.

Electro-Max performs some of the largest stainless steel and metal pickling services and operations in the industry. Electro-Max also operates and maintains some of the largest metal pickling tanks available. We offer our customers both in-tank metal pickling as well as out of tank pickling. These options allow us to pickle both very large parts as well as small, delicate pieces so common in the medical industry. Either one of these pickling options allows for the best chemical polishing available from any metal pickling company. Contact Electro-Max today and allow us to finish your next top-quality fabricated and pickled metal parts today.

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